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Clean Sweep! Ni ‘Au Brooms
When you clean up are you having a difficult time with bamboo or plastic racks?
Try my handcrafted ni ‘au brooms and I guarantee you cleaning up around the house will become easier. Great on grass, gravel, cement and asphalt tops.
Formerly only sold at local craft fairs.
Now you can order one online!
Hale Broom
Hale (house) brooms are made from the tip ends of the ni ‘au. The handle is yellow bamboo three quarters of and inch by 28 inches long and round.
Great on tile, hardwood floors and for those hard to get at places.
$24.00 ea.

Ni ‘Au Broom
Ni ‘au brooms are a traditional broom used in Hawaii and throughout the South Pacific Islands.
The handle is yellow bamboo 1 inch by 38 inchs or 44 inches long and round. Great as an outdoor whisk broom.
$24.00 ea.

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ni 'au broom.gif
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